Local Yarn Store Day

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Saturday, April 21st
1:00 to 5:00
Are you ready for anAdventura!
Local Yarn Store Day is a brick-and-mortar yarn shop appreciation day created by TNNA Yarn Group. The inaugural LYS Day will take place onApril 21and is designed to show support for small businesses while bringing together a unique community of knitters, crocheters, weavers, and spinners to drive awareness and celebrate the craft.

Adventura is a choose your own shawl adventure designed byLaura NelkinusingKelbourne Woolens Andorra.
All three Adventuras start the same - with a neutral color, you will knit a boomerang shape until you have knit up almost all of the first color. You work a few transition garter rows, and then it is time to begin your journey! If you want more of the same stick with Adventura A, you’ll work with the second color just as you did with the first until the border. If you want an eyelet mesh and little bit more of an adventure, then you’ll choose Adventura B. And finally, if lace is what you crave you’ll work Adventura C, a simple and elegant version of Pine Cone Lace and end with a garter border.