Knit Your Way to Happiness

Knitters know that knitting is more than just a skill.  Knitters are rewarded in many ways as they PLY their craft.  If you have considered learning to knit, Read On!


Benefits of Knitting:

  1. Knit to Relax - Once you have learned, knitting is a way to calm down and relax.  Knitting reduces stress and gives you a feeling of accomplishment
  2. Knit to be Creative - Creative people enjoy life more than people who don't stretch their creative abilities.  It could be as simple as using a different type of yarn than a pattern calls for or creating your own patterns.
  3. Knit to Make a Difference - Many knitters create to give away.  The recipient receives a wonderful gift but  there are many studies that show giving rewards the giver much more than the recipient.  When we give we feel empowered to make a difference.  Our confidence grows and our self image is improved.
  4. Knit to Connect - Knitters' groups are a great way to connect with others. As people age and retire, they spend less and less time with others.  Knitters are definitely an exception and that communion of sharing stimulates your feelings of belonging and joy. 

If you are ready start knitting JOIN a beginners class at PLY today!  Click on Classes and find one that works for you.  And Knit On!!!