Brrrrr! It's COLD outside!

This is what my fountain looks like outside my window right now.


I love the once-or twice a year freeze that we get here in Central Texas because we get to see a rare (for us Texans) side of nature which has a unique beauty.  I love the ice as long as I don't have to drive on it.  Fortunately, streets and highways have been clear and it's been business as usual at the shop.  In fact, we launched the new Introduction to Weaving Workshop on Saturday.  Five 'students' came to Ply to learn a new twist on an ancient art form.  

Each piece was as different as the women themselves, which is the point: weaving allows one to discover that creative, playful artist in each of us!  They really enjoyed the camaraderie of the group as well as the pride in creating something they made with their hands.

These Introduction to Weaving Workshops will be repeated twice monthly, followed by How to Warp your Loom Class.