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Spring into Learning

Spring is here! Wildflowers are blooming with magnificent colors along our roadways, inspiring us to refresh our homes and our lives. And PLY is full of stunning textures and colors to assist you in bringing spring into your new fiber projects. Are you ready to be inspired to create?  Peruse our large collection of colorful fiber that you can use to weave a wall hanging, knit a beautiful cowl, or use to spin your own thread.   Our classes will help you to gain confidence in your own creative abilities.  Sign up online TODAY.    

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Knit Your Way to Happiness

Knitters know that knitting is more than just a skill.  Knitters are rewarded in many ways as they PLY their craft.  If you have considered learning to knit, Read On!   Benefits of Knitting: Knit to Relax - Once you have learned, knitting is a way to calm down and relax.  Knitting reduces stress and gives you a feeling of accomplishment Knit to be Creative - Creative people enjoy life more than people who don't stretch their creative abilities.  It could be as simple as using a different type of yarn than a pattern calls for or creating your own patterns....

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Creative Brain on Yarn

Weaving, knitting, and crocheting are all wonderful ways to express your creative abilities.  Working with color and texture stimulate new neuron growth in your brain. While you are figuring out a pattern, your math mind (parietal lobe) is hard at work.  As you figure out how to fix a problem, you are working your problem solving (frontal lobe) part of your brain.  When you share ideas and compare projects you are building relationships which many studies have shown to increase brain function as we age.   So if you are a fiber artist already, knit, weave, and crochet on.  If...

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Brrrrr! It's COLD outside!

This is what my fountain looks like outside my window right now.     I love the once-or twice a year freeze that we get here in Central Texas because we get to see a rare (for us Texans) side of nature which has a unique beauty.  I love the ice as long as I don't have to drive on it.  Fortunately, streets and highways have been clear and it's been business as usual at the shop.  In fact, we launched the new Introduction to Weaving Workshop on Saturday.  Five 'students' came to Ply to learn a new twist on an...

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New Beginnings

Welcome to a brand new year!  The store has been rearranged and freshened up and more space has been allocated for weaving.  Good thing, since our weaving classes begin this Saturday!  Here is something that will motivate us (I'm including myself here) to give our creative expression top priority!  Check this out:  

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